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I met Nicholas 4 months ago at LA Fitness. The first thing I thought about him was that he’s “on fire”…I went to his step plus abs class and after that I’ve started going to his kickboxing class. I have always been overweight and I’ve never enjoyed doing sports…but because of Nicholas, because of his positive attitude (even when not even one step of mine was right), his nice words ….I am moving forward on the right path to my well being…Last month ( I’ve had a week of vacation also) I’ve lost 5 lbs….The sweat I get after this classes, the smiles I leave with and the people I meet are just above words….I want to say THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for giving me a reason to come to the gym:) thank you for taking the time…I love you tons!!!!!

Corina Grigore

I want to thank Nic, as well as the rest of the Sweat Atlanta family for inspiring and encouraging me to lose weight. I have always struggled with weight loss, and it has been an emotional roller coaster ride for me. One day, I attended Nic’s Cardio Kickbox classes, and I was truly amazed! He was full of positive energy and excitement. I started attending more of his classes and was very excited to exercise. Through his classes, I found out about Sweat Atlanta boot camp. Immediately, I noticed a difference physically and mentally, and I knew this is exactly what I needed! Within a few months of joining Sweat Atlanta and Nic’s classes, I was able to lose 30 pounds. Nic was very inspiring and loving. He truly care about everyone’s fitness and well-being! His workouts are different every week, which makes it challenging and exciting. In addition, he gives great nutrition tips and advice. I always look forward to working out with him on Saturday mornings! :)

Anu Mahendru

I am so glad I found Sweat Atlanta. I started taking Nic’s Kickbox Cardio classes at the gym last year. His classes are the most popular ones attended because they are such great workouts with fun and energetic music. I heard about his boot camps, so I decided to try them out. I have always enjoyed boot camps, so once I tried Sweat Atlanta’s outdoor boot camp for my first time, I was definitely hooked. Nic is so creative and he designs a different workout each week so that no one ever gets bored with the same routine. The workouts are fun, challenging and they will start your weekend off right. He also offer lots of tips and advice for anyone needing it. You will be pushed to achieve your fitness goals. I am thankful that I found him. He keeps me in excellent shape. I really look forward to Saturday morning workouts with the crew. I can’t wait until next Saturday! :)

Lauren Summerville

Where to begin? I have always been into fitness; in fact I use to teach some group classes myself a few years back. I started working out in my early 20′s and have kept it up consistently over the years. I am now 43. The last few years have been challenging for me, not only just keeping up a positive attitude about getting older and the natural changes that occur, but also keeping my routines fresh and interesting. Last year, I attended step class with Nic and let me tell you, it was like coming home. The music, the energy, it blew me away. I never thought I would find an instructor who just “got it”. I literally was smiling the whole class while at the same time getting a killer work out. Hands down, I walked away from that class knowing Nic was the best fitness instructor I had ever met.  I joined his Bootcamp “family” on Saturdays and it has changed my life. I have never been so motivated to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. He makes fitness fun, challenging, and make me want to keep coming back. Sweat Atlanta is more than a company; it is a family, where I receive encouragement, motivation and acceptance. The friends I have met at bootcamp, we encourage each other along with Nic to meet our goals and stay positive about ourselves no matter what. This year I finished my first Sprint Triathlon and I owe it all to the training I received from Sweat Atlanta. I feel great about the shape I am in, but also about the person I am. Nic always say, “don’t defeat yourself in the mind”, and I carry that with me when things get tough. He believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. What more could you want? Thank you Sweat Atlanta for changing my life for the better.

Joelle DiMicele

I was really overweight last year. I decided to make a change in my life by exercising and getting in shape. After I joined Nic’s step class and kickbox, I lost a great amount of weight. I have never felt this confident in my life, ever! And he told me that he has his own bootcamp, so I started joining them. The bootcamp is fantastic, very energetic, and makes me feel good by just being active. Nic is very passionate about what he is doing, and also he knows what he is doing. He always motivate me in positive ways. After I lost a significant amount of weight, I was challenged with “my old eating habits”. Nic was the one I talked to. He motivated me and he was the one who “brought” me back, so I can stay in shape. The most important thing was that he never judged me in any ways, but instead, he told me not to give up. I will always remember him saying “Losing weight is a process and continuous journey”. I want people to know that, not only does he provide the best workouts ever, but also his positive thoughts really change my life.

Amelia Agustinus

I have been active all my life for as long as I can remember! However, several months back due to work commitments among other things, my activity level took a nosedive. I quickly noticed a drastic change in my energy level followed by changes in my body…I felt lethargic and yucky! I had never felt this way and in the last month or so decided I needed to get back in shape. My first step back into working out was SweatAtlanta’s bootcamp. It nearly killed me!! Halfway through I was exhausted and truly wanted to quit…but Nic’s encouragement kept me going! His energy was electric and gave me the extra oomph I needed to finish that day! Since then, I began taking Nic’s group fitness classes and now I’m hooked! Since day one, I felt encouraged and excited to get back in shape! There are many instructors that can get you in shape, but very few that can give you an extreme workout AND make it fun. Nicholas does just that! Every single week I look forward to a fun workout with great music and amazing energy. When you are in a class and EVERYONE is energized and pumped-it doesn’t get any better than that!!! Now my energy level is back up to where it was, maybe even better! I feel great both inside and out! To me, it’s not about a weight loss but more so about feeling great in your own skin and overall wellness. Thank you to Sweatatlanta for all of the amazing workouts and I look forward to many, many more!

Erika Tequia

I have trained with Nic Jacobs for the past two and a half years, and have taken full advantage of his portfolio of services. From fitness classes, to boot camps, to personal training sessions…Nic has offered dynamic and motivating workouts. Nic and approaches every workout session with enthusiasm, athleticism, and passion. And because of his efforts I have become a faithful follower of Sweat Atlanta, and most importantly I have been able to reach and surpass my fitness goals. I always look forward to attending one of Nic’s classes or a Sweat Atlanta boot camp, and I plan to keep attending for years to come! Nic truly brings his credo to life: “Commit to be Fit!” Thank You Sweat Atlanta!

Alexandra Jean-Jacques

I’ve had a wonderful experience working out with Nic. He has been my trainer for over a year. I’ve seen amazing results. Training with Nic I’ve lost inches off my waist and pounds off the scale. Thanks Nic!

Ornella Grosz Financial Expert and author of “Moneylicious”