Sweat Atlanta’s Post Pregnancy Client Update: Week #4

We are so happy to announce more positive results for our client who recently had a baby.  See what she had to say below and check out her IMPRESSIVE progress in the pictures below.

“I can definitely see the progress and so does my measuring tape! Believe it or not I was a size 4 prior to my pregnancy and after gaining a whopping 40 lbs I was no where near that! My hips were normally around 39/40 inches and grew to 45 inches. After measuring today I discovered they are now 42 inches! My waist pre-pregnancy was around 27/28 inches and with pregnancy they basically came close to the size of my hips! Right now they are 36 inches. Thank goodness for your classes!  I am going to focus on losing the pudge around my core so I am going to keep up with the cardio and strengthening my core.  Can’t wait for another one of your classes, where it is always a party and great workout with undeniable result!”




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