Sweat Atlanta's Hip Hop Fitness

Sweat Atlanta’s Hip Hop Fitness

I believe fitness is all about having fun and staying healthy. Everyone doesn’t always enjoy pushups, heavy lifting and running.

In my years of training I find that if forced into a workout regiment like that MOST people will abandon their workouts and go back to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. I find that if you can tap into what people enjoy and find ways to make that aerobic and cardio respiratory then they will enjoy working out more and in turn stick with a workout schedule more often.


For me and many other people we love music and love to dance. Now when I say DANCE I don’t mean you have to be a dancer. We can all dance in our own way. Dance can be one of the best ways to burn off calories and have fun.

Hip Hop 2

Sweat Atlanta offers a great weekly dance class that is for any fitness level. It if fun, easy to follow and a terrific workout. You will LOVE the music, the other members laughing, cheering and dancing along side of you and before you know it an hour class has passed and you can’t wait to come back for the next class.

Here is a short promo video promoting the Sweat Atlanta Hip Hop class. It is every Wednesday at 8pm. Check out www.sweatatlanta.com/schedule for more details or email info@sweatatlanta.com. We would love to dance with ya!

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