Introduction to Sweat Atlanta’s All Natural Cleanse

There are many diet fads out there. Many experts on television telling you to eat this…don’t eat that. It can all be very confusing. The one thing we know for CERTAIN is the absolute best foods for you are those that come from the earth-fruits and vegetables.

However with the way we as Americans eat many of the vital nutrients are lost in our foods due to boiling, cooking, freezing, packaging, etc. The most effective way to get the most out of these fruits and vegetables is to eat them raw. With our on the go lifestyles it is difficult to sit down every 3 hours with a heaping plate of carrots, lettuce, kale, apples, kiwi, etc and consume all of that.

What’s the solution? One of the best ways to get a boost of vitamins, nutrients and minerals is to blend or juice many of these fruits and vegetables and drink them in a smoothie.

We at Sweat Atlanta will be doing an all natural juice cleanse beginning today. Each day we will post our progress and how we are feeling as well as some delicious recipes you can try at home. We will be consuming just the drinks but if you want to try this at home and don’t think you can resist the urge to eat you can substitute one meal per day (best if it is breakfast or lunch) and still see some of the health rewards.

The recipes you will find are a great way to get your daily dose of vegetables without that sometimes unpleasant taste. Including fruits agave nectar or Stevia will help the smoothie to taste great will being back with the things your body needs most.

If you are looking to cleanse, lose weight or just get healthy this is a great HEALTHY way to do it. What are you waiting for…join us!

**As always consult a doctor before starting any new fitness program or diet

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  1. Jon Darcey says:

    Can’t wait to see how it goes Nick – I will be following your blog!

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