How to win the battle on weight loss

Here are some great tip to help with that battle to lose pounds:

    1. Visualize your weight loss- weight lose is 80% mental and 20% physical. Some of the best athletes in the world use this visualization. Many world class golfers say before they hit the ball the visualize it rolling onto the green. Think about yourself getting to that next size rather than worrying about not getting to that next size.

    2. Space out your meals- you have to eat every 3 to 4 hours…4 entrees and 3 snacks. If you space your meals out you keep your hormone levels stable and that will prevent the weight gain.

    3. Incorporate snacking while dieting- “strategic snacking” snacks are BRIDGES between meals (snacks shouldn’t be 500 calories they should be about 150 calories or less). Every hour and a half you are having a snack then you should consume less food in your entree therefore helping to lose weight.

    4. Confuse your diet- this is similar to muscle confusion for weight lifters. Change the type of food you are eating to keep the metabolism ramped up. If you are eating the same food each day your body says “ehhh I already know what’s coming” and your metabolism can slow down.

    5. Get your heart rate up- Anyone who says you can lose weight without exercise is being disingenuous. You don’t have to spend 2 hours in the gym. Do interval training for 1 hour to get that heart rate up and encourage fat burn.

    6. Acknowledge and celebrate small victories- weight loss is a marathon NOT a sprint. The small victories win the war. Every time you hit a small milestone reward yourself with something, it keeps you psychologically in the game and lets you know you did something well.

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