Don’t take things for granted…especially on your plate.

Don’t take things for granted: We always rush through life thinking about what is next. This is true in all aspects of life work, social lives, etc but especially with food and the way we eat. We eat so much so quick that we don’t take time to enjoy our food, take in the moment, enjoy the flavors and appreciate that we even have food to eat. Instead we are always looking or thinking how fast we can eat , what we are gonna eat next or what we are going to do next instead of enjoying and appreciating what is in our mouth NOW.

Some folks can’t have what we have or eat what we eat and we carry on as if we take it for granted. If we could only learn to appreciate the moment we are given. Take time next time you are eating to slow down, and enjoy what you are eating – this can help you from over indulging yourself. Sometimes it seems like a whirlwind blows by while we are at the dinner table and next thing we know there are 4 empty plates next to us and our stomach is so full we feel uncomfortable.

“Stop and smell the flowers” is a great saying that rings true here. Often times if you slow down, take in the “now” you can hear what your body is telling you and can help from consuming WAY too much. Use this in life and take time to celebrate the current moment.

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