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Behind the Scenes of Sweat Atlanta’s video shoot with the CW69

Sweat Atlanta will be featured on an upcoming episode of the CW69′s show “The A-List”. We are very excited about the opportunity and can’t wait to get our message out there and continue our missions of helping people get healthy. The shoot was yesterday in North Atlanta and featured some boot camp, group fitness and [...]


How to win the battle on weight loss

Here are some great tip to help with that battle to lose pounds: 1. Visualize your weight loss- weight lose is 80% mental and 20% physical. Some of the best athletes in the world use this visualization. Many world class golfers say before they hit the ball the visualize it rolling onto the green. Think [...]


5 Ways to “organize” your health & wellness goals

5 great ways to “organize” your health and wellness goals: 1. Set daily reminders-put what exercises you are going to do on your calendar, in your phone or on your computer (list what group fitness classes you plan to take, etc) Set an alarm on your phone to remind you an hour before. 2. Keep [...]


Sweat Atlanta Natural Cleanse Day #5 Recipe

By day #5 things have been much easier, I have lost 7 lbs already. Weight loss has not been my goal necessarily but I do feel as if I am helping to rid my body of some unwanted fat and sugars. Day #5 recipe below: Coconut Milky 1 Cup Coconut Water 1 Cup Almond Milk [...]


Sweat Atlanta’s Natural Cleanse Day #4 (Recipe & Video)

We are several days into our all natural vegetable and fruit smoothie cleanse. We wanted to film a video to highlight one of the recipes and show you all how to create it at home. Check out the below video and the recipe below. CLICK HERE —-> Sweat Atlanta's Natural Cleanse Video Recipe Green Peach [...]


Sweat Atlanta’s Natural Cleanse Day #3 (Recipe)

Hey everyone, glad to hear some of you are following along on our all natural juice cleanse. I was told by many people that the first two days were the hardest and WOW were they right. We began the all natural cleanse Monday and by Tuesday I was struggling. I fought through the desire to [...]


Sweat Atlanta’s Natural Cleanse Day #2 Recipe

Day #2 is now behind us. It has been tough but we are seeing some benefits already. Today we had a great natural smoothie. Check out the recipe below: Going Bananas 2 Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 Banana 1 Tablespoon Natural Peanut Butter 1 Tablespoon Spirulina 1 Tablespoon Natural Cocoa Powder 1 Tablespoon Flaxseed Oil [...]


Sweat Atlanta’s All Natural Cleanse (DAY #1)

Hopefully you read the intro to our cleanse (if not check it out below this post). We have some really great recipes to share with you and hopefully encourage you to adapt a healthier way of life. We will also be sharing our feelings and struggles each day and giving you an inside look into [...]


Introduction to Sweat Atlanta’s All Natural Cleanse

There are many diet fads out there. Many experts on television telling you to eat this…don’t eat that. It can all be very confusing. The one thing we know for CERTAIN is the absolute best foods for you are those that come from the earth-fruits and vegetables. However with the way we as Americans eat [...]


Don’t take things for granted…especially on your plate.

Don’t take things for granted: We always rush through life thinking about what is next. This is true in all aspects of life work, social lives, etc but especially with food and the way we eat. We eat so much so quick that we don’t take time to enjoy our food, take in the moment, [...]