5 Ways to “organize” your health & wellness goals

5 great ways to “organize” your health and wellness goals:

    1. Set daily reminders-put what exercises you are going to do on your calendar, in your phone or on your computer (list what group fitness classes you plan to take, etc) Set an alarm on your phone to remind you an hour before.

    2. Keep a packed gym bag-we are all busy and the LAST thing you want to do after a long day at work is go home and PACK to head to the gym. Have a bag ready either at work or in your car and head straight to the gym…if you go home to “pack” chances are you will find an excuse to hit the couch and not get back up.

    3. Prepare healthy snacks-go out and get some new plastic wear. Fill them with things like almonds, fruits, and veggies, label them and have them handy for those moments when you get the urge to snack. If you don’t have healthy things on hand you will more then likely hit the vending machine or an unhealthy fast food line.

    4. Create a vision board-take a small bulletin board and fill it with things that will inspire you. Inspiring quotes, a photo of your goal weight, and other things that will be a daily reminder of where you are trying to head with your health.

    5. Keep healthy foods in at eye level-in your pantry put the healthy items in the shelves you see in the middle when you first open the door. Place the unhealthy items up high or down low OR if you are really committed in 2013…GET RID OF THEM!

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